Undoing the Top Button

Living in a foreign country, I’m well aware that on a day-to-day basis my actions are  viewed as somewhat absurd by those around me.   The sideways stares and furrowed brows have become a bit of the background music to my life.  This weekend was no exception.

With ovens being a bit of a commodity here, the silent partner for this whole  ordeal was to be my slow-cooker.  Factor in the need for specific   ingredients, a 5 hour bus journey, two transfers, and a 20 minute walk and we’re looking at  a daunting venture. I was met with a few firmer stares than usual as passersby glanced in the direction of the stifled grunts along the way. I guess a redhead heaving under the weight of canned goods isn’t as common as high heels on a hike.

Having served time with hard labor upon arrival, putting the finishing touches on my stuffing felt like a walk in the park.  I’m happy to report that  the slow-cooker worked fabulously as an incubator of gooey goodness.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to our founding fathers for adding gluttony to the national agenda.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Worth the exertion

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One thought on “Undoing the Top Button

  1. jojobee6 says:

    That was the best stuffing ever! Post the recipe please!

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