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Where the Magic Happened

Home is where the heart is, and to be specific, you’ll find it in the kitchen.  Food is love, and it’s the shared experience that brings us together.

Upon first arrival in Korea, I became more aware of the differences rather than the similarities between the East and Western ways of life.  The fork was a forgotten ally and portions were relative  to the group size.  Ready to soak it all in, I slid off my shoes and gazed up from the floor to a whole new way of  life.

Where it all happened

Consumption Junction

In the exploration of ovenless kitchens and a market ruled by kimchi, I set out to bring along an audience.  Thai Curry in Korea gave me the opportunity to justify my weekly indulgence in hopes of sharing a bit of insight  into cooking foreign food in Korea.  We all need to find our happy place somehow, and particularly when abroad, food never fails to comfort the soul.

As my time in Korea comes to a close, I am drawn back to the idea that food is a common denominator.  It transcends cultural lines and unifies a group.  Something shared and something savored.  Across this virtual table, I hope that Thai Curry in Korea has provided its readers with recipes, ideas, and perhaps a chuckle on a rainy day.

After leaving Korea, this may be the end of the blog as we know it, but much like the cheeseburger, it’s never too late to reinvent oneself.  In the coming months I will be taking on Southeast Asia: by bike.  I’ve heard there’s a guarantee of at least 20 miles per burrito, and I will find a way to consume one.   Stay tuned for cooking trials and tribulations born from a whole new set of rules.  Thank you, dear readers, for the support your views have given me over the last 17 months.  I look forward to version 2.0. and I’ll keep you posted as it takes shape.