Ingredient Guide

I’m a firm believer that everything you desire is available in Korea, it’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.  A work in progress, I intend to develop this section as a resource for those of you on the hunt for ingredients.  Check here to find out where to seek out your treasures!

This list is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully it will help you out! If you happen to stumble upon something I’ve missed, please feel free to share it with the rest of us in the comments section!

Shopping Guide

Costco Locations

Emart – Somewhere on this site there’s a link to their locations, if you can decipher the Korean (I can’t. )

GalbiJim’s Guide to ‘Black Market’ Foreign Foods Markets

HomePlus – Locations (Korean)

NaviESL – Helpful guide to shopping at Korea’s grocery stores

Swoyambhu Nepalese, Indian and Tibetan Restaurant – Located across from Suwon Station, has a number of dry ingredients available for sale near the register (chickpeas, lentils, curry pastes, etc.) 

Thai Shop in Chuncheon – A goldmine with limes, curry paste, cilantro and basil

U.S. Military Bases – The ‘holy grail,’ if you can make friends with a soldier, you are a lucky little peanut.  The resale of goods isn’t permitted, so be ready to invite your enabler to savor the end product (or just keep it hush-hush). 

베이킹 나라 (Baking Country) – If you live near Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, this baking mecca is located just off the main  street near Gyeongpo High School.  Wide selection of baking ingredients as well as tools and utensils.

Online Resources

British Corner Shop – A thorough  selection of delights to satisfy British taste buds

EZ Shop Korea – An alternative to a Costo run, find many Costco-exclusive products available for delivery here, no membership needed!

iHerb – Natural and organic ingredients from the States with efficient delivery

Indian Shop Korea – Offers a great selection of Indian ingredients and mixes hard to find anywhere else, as well as new and used cell phone (sketch).

Nice – Great selection of everything from pretzels to palak paneer

Purchasing Glossary 

Be sure to check back, as I’ll be updating this list frequently.  I’ve excluded those items that are readily available.  If no locations are given, then take it as your personal challenge to track it down and share the details with the rest of us!


  • Corn syrup – EZ Shop
  • Evaporated milk – EZ Shop
  • Molasses – Nice Market
  • Sweetened, condensed milk – Emart
  • Vanilla extract – 베이킹 나라, Nice Market, iHerb
  • Yeast – 베이킹 나라, Nice Market


  • Baked (British-style) – HomePlus, Emart, Nice Market
  • Baked (American-style) – Emart, EZ Shop
  • Black – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market (all canned)
  • Butter – Emart
  • Cannelini – Emart (canned), iHerb (dried)
  • Chickpeas Swoyambhu & iHerb (Dried), Costco & EZ Shop (Canned)
  • Green beans – HomePlus (canned)
  • Kidney – Nice Market (canned)
  • Lentils – Swoyambhu Restaurant & iHerb (Dried), Emart & EZ Shop (Canned)
  • Pinto – Nice Market (dried)
  • Refried – EZ Shop


  • Bagels – Emart bakery section, EZ Shop
  • Baguette – Widely available from Paris Baguette and other bakeries
  • Cornbread (Jiffy mix) – EZ Shop
  • English Muffins – Nice Market
  • Naan – Korean brand mix available at some NongHyup’s, Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Parantha – HomePlus (in frozen section), Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Pita – Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Whole grain – Costco, EZ Shop, Nice Market


  • Blue/Gorgonzola – HomePlus, Emart, Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Brie/Camembert – HomePlus, Emart, Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Cheddar – HomePlus, Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market, Costco
  • Cottage – EZ Shop
  • Cream cheese – Widely available
  • Feta – HomePlus, Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Goat – EZ Shop
  • Gouda – HomePlus, Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Havarti – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Jack (Colby, Monterey) – Costco, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Marscarpone – Nice Market
  • Mozzerella – HomePlus and Emart (Fresh and shredded), Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Parmesan – HomePlus, Nice Market, EZ Shop
  • Pepperjack – Costco, EZ Shop
  • Ricotta – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Romano – HomePlus
  • Swiss – Costco, EZ Shop, Nice Market

Condiments and Sauces

  • Alfredo – HomePlus and Emart, Costo, EZ Shop
  • Brown sauce – British Corner Shop
  • Caesar dressing – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Gravy granules – British Corner Shop
  • Horseradish sauce – Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Mango chutney – Nice Market, British Corner Shop
  • Mint Jelly – Nice Market
  • Maple syrup – Emart, Homeplus, EZ Shop
  • Marshmallow fluff – Emart, HomePlus
  • Peanut butter – Widely available
  • Pesto – HomePlus, Costco, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Ranch dressing – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Spicy Brown Mustard – EZ Shop
  • Tahini – Nice Market
  • Tartar sauce – Nice Market

Fruits (Fresh and Frozen)

  • Avocados – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Blackberries – HomePlus, EZ Shop
  • Blueberries – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Limes – Thai Shop in Chuncheon, ‘Black Markets’
  • Mango – HomePlus
  • Raspberries – HomePlus, EZ Shop

Fruits (Dried and Canned)

  • Applesauce – EZ Shop
  • Cranberries (Dried) – HomePlus, EZ Shop
  • Cranberry sauce – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Golden raisins/sultanas – HomePlus
  • Lychee (Canned) – HomePlus
  • Mango (Canned) – HomePlus


  • Bulgar Wheat – iHerb
  • Couscous – iHerb, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Oats/Oatmeal – iHerb, Nice Market, Emart? (So I’ve heard)
  • Orzo – iHerb
  • Quinoa – iHerb

Herbs (Fresh)

  • Basil – Thai Shop in Chuncheon, Herb Island in Northern Gangwon-do, Nice Market
  • Chives – Nice Market
  • Cilantro/Fresh Coriander – Thai Shop in Chuncheon, Nice Market
  • Dill – Nice Market
  • Marjoram – Nice Market
  • Mint – Plants easy to find at floral shops, Nice Market
  • Oregano – Nice Market
  • Parsley – Some NongHyup’s, Nice Market
  • Rosemary – Plants easy to find at floral shops, Nice Market
  • Sage – Nice Market
  • Tarragon – Nice Market
  • Thyme – Plants somewhat available at floral shops, Nice Market

Herbs and Spices

  • Allspice – iHerb
  • Basil(dried) – HomePlus, Emart, Nice Market, iHerb
  • Bay leaves – Widely available
  • Cajun – Costco, EZ Shop, iHerb
  • Cardamom pods – Nice Market
  • Cinnamon – HomePlus, Emart, Nice Market, iHerb
  • Cloves – iHerb (whole and ground)
  • Curry powder – iHerb, EZ Shop
  • Garam masala – Nice Market, iHerb
  • Garlic salt – Costco, EZ Shop
  • Lemon-pepper – Costco, EZ Shop
  • Mixed herbs (dried) – HomePlus, Emart, Nice Market, iHerb
  • “Montreal-style” grill seasoning – Costco
  • Nutmeg – iHerb (ground)
  • Paprika – iHerb
  • Taco seasoning – EZ Shop, iHerb
  • Tumeric – Nice Market, iHerb

Meat and Poultry

  • Bacon – HomePlus & Emart (Sub-par quality), Costco, EZ Shop, Nice Market (the real deal)
  • Bratwurst – Johnsonville brand available at HomePlus, EZ Shop
  • Chicken breasts – HomePlus, Emart, Nonghyup, Nice Market, Costco (frozen)
  • Chorizo – EZ Shop
  • Ground Beef Patties – EZ Shop (frozen)
  • Lamb – Nice Market
  • Prosciutto – Emart, EZ Shop 
  • Salami – Emart, EZ Shop
  • Steak – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Turkey – Costco, EZ Shop (Cooked breast and sliced), Nice Market (fully pre-cooked bird, great for holidays)
  • Turkey burgers – Costco, Nice Market (frozen)


  • Corn tortillas – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Enchilada sauce – iHerb (Frontera brand)
  • Flour tortillas – Emart and HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Green Chiles, diced – EZ Shop
  • Masa harina – iHerb
  • Salsa – For real deal authentic, check out Frontera brand on  iHerb, generic-style available at HomePlus, Emart and Costco

Pantry Staples

  • Agave Nectar – Emart, iHerb
  • Bouillon/Stock cubes – HomePlus (chicken flavor), Nice Market (beef, vegetarian)
  • Bread crumbs – Korean brand panko widely available, American-style on EZ Shop
  • Coconut milk (light and original) – HomePlus and Emart, Nice Market
  • Corn starch – EZ Shop
  • Corn syrup – EZ Shop
  • Honey – HomePlus, Emart, EZ Shop
  • Hot sauce – Tabasco widely available, Cholula spotted at On the Border (bring a big purse)
  • Miso paste – Emart, Nice Market
  • Oils – olive, dark sesame, soybean, and canola are all widely available
  • Vinegars (red wine, white wine, balsamic) – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Worchester sauce – 우스타 Ottogi brand widely available


  • Gnocchi
  • Lasagne sheets – Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Ravioli/Tortellini – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, bowtie, macaroni, shells – HomePlus, Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Whole-wheat – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market


  • Basmati – Nice Market
  • Brown – Widely available
  • Wild –
  • Rice mixes (i.e. Rice-a-Roni – what a treat!) –


  • Clams (shucked) – Gangneung Ponam-dong NongHyup
  • Cod (Frozen) – Costco, EZ Market
  • Salmon (Frozen) – Costco, Nice Market
  • Salmon (Smoked) – HomePlus, EZ Shop
  • Scallops (Frozen) – Costco, EZ Shop Korea, Nice Market
  • Shrimp (fresh and frozen)  – HomePlus and widely available
  • Tilapia (Frozen) – Costco, EZ Shop Korea

Soups (Canned)

  • Chicken Noodle – HomePlus and Emart, Nice Market
  • Cream of Mushroom – HomePlus and Emart, Nice Market
  • Minestrone – EZ Shop, Secret Lotte Plus Market (Check back later for details)
  • New England Clam Chowder – Secret Lotte Plus Market, Nice Market
  • Tomato – EZ Shop

Vegetables (Fresh and Frozen)

  • Asparagus – EZ Shop (fresh), Nice Market (frozen), HomePlus – SPOTTED 7/2!!
  • Brussel Sprouts – HomePlus – SPOTTED 7/2!!
  • Cauliflower – Nice Market (frozen)
  • Celery – Gangneung Ponam-dong Nonghyup, Emart
  • Green beans – Nice Market (frozen)
  • Okra – Nice Market (frozen)
  • Peas – Costco and Nice Market (frozen), HomePlus (fresh in season) 

Vegetables (Canned)

  • Artichokes – Nice Market, iHerb
  • Asparagus – HomePlus
  • Corn, Cream-style – EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Green beans – HomePlus, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Mixed vegetables – HomePlus, Nice Market
  • Peas and carrots – HomePlus, Nice Market
  • Sauerkraut – Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market
  • Tomatoes (Crushed, diced, paste, stewed)- HomePlus, Emart, EZ Shop, Nice Market

3 thoughts on “Ingredient Guide

  1. jojobee6 says:

    This is such a wonderful resource! Thank you L!

  2. Kim says:

    Bless you for this. Thanks to you, I successfully located coconut milk at my local E-mart, even though it involved an intense hunt with no less than 6 employees, all quizzically repeating, “coconut meeyulk?”. They’d never heard of it, but we found it!

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