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Clamming in Korea

Seagulls, the crash of waves breaking on the shore, a salty musk in the air–there are plenty of things that characterize living near the sea.  Finding myself living on the East Sea (a.k.a. Sea of Japan depending on whom you ask…) this is the first time I’ve had the pleasure of holding a seaside residence.  When the summer heat proves overwhelming, it’s my greatest joy to hop in the saddle and pedal my bike down to the shore. 

On weekends, it’s the tendency of my friends and me to congregate at our favorite stretch of sand. The patch of foreigners gleams from afar, the greased-up skin standing in stark contrast to the fully clothed Koreans.  Usually in tandem with the sunbathing, a barbecue ensues.

Taking a nod from the Koreans, a few friends began to seek the edible bounty waiting out at sea.  Neck and neck with hardcore grannies, they battled it out diving for the fresh clams on the ocean floor.  In the hunt, elbow room is not respected, and it’s the swiftest that reaps the glory.  If you can hack it, you’re rewarded with plenty to share. 

After embarking on one of these expeditions, I wrote about the adventure for Groove magazine.  The article explores clamming along the northeastern shore and also captures my hunt for razor clams down south.  I’ve included a recipe to serve up your fresh catch beachside as well.  Check out the article in Groove Korea’s July issue or online here.

Happy clamming!

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Making Deviled Eggs With Honey Mustard

Greetings! Let me introduce myself.  From a young age, I have been drawn to the pasta cutters and tangled webs of cheesecloth shoved into the forgotten corners of my mother’s cupboards.  I’ve always appreciated a culinary challenge, and living in Korea never fails to deliver.  Whether it’s banana bread in a rice cooker or a 3-day endeavor for  homemade hummus, I will find a way.

Fueled by passion and PMS, I maintain the attitude that no craving shalt go unnourished.  Join me on my culinary goose chase, and I promise your palate will be rewarded!

As one who lives life through her taste buds, what better way to introduce myself than with  a few of my greatest culinary discoveries thus far. Continue reading

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